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3 Simple Ways to Increase the Impact of your Annual Report

We were recently on a call with a prospective client, who was looking for help with an upcoming annual report.

Multiple concerns were brought up during the call. First, they wanted to improve the look and feel of their report. They also brought up concerns about their existing reputation, as they recently made some strategic direction changes. Eventually, they shared that the annual report was something they had to do, but didn’t feel it had much strategic value.

Looking back at prior annual reports, we noticed that they didn’t leverage the report for much more than this “annual obligation.” For us, annual reports are a great tool for engaging communities, and achieving marketing as well as strategic goals.

  1. Have a Theme
    If you don’t already, our first suggestion is to add a theme to each annual report. Themes help frame a report, and help the audience zoom in on a message. This message then gets reinforced throughout the report. As this organization was undergoing a strategic shift, we suggested that the annual report should revolve around this change. This would be reflected in the title of the report as well as the visual branding, but then be reinforced by the specific examples, copy, and images used inside.
  2. Leverage Social Media
    We also suggested pulling images, infographics, and copy from the report, to share on social media. This would help clarify this strategic shift to their larger audience. After all, they already invested in the report, why not make full use of it? Social media is also a great place to share accomplishments and ask for engagement and support moving forward.
  3. Extend Its Shelf Life
    There’s no reason an annual report’s lifespan should be limited to those few hours of an annual fundraising dinner, or other live events. With digital technology, this report can be published online. Interesting “teasers” can be pulled out and posted in newsletters, social media, and blog posts, where those interested can click on it and read the entire report. This opens up opportunities for donations, media engagement, partnerships and more.

The possibilities of an annual report are only limited by our imagination. If you need help, please reach out, share your challenges, and we’ll be happy to help you leverage your annual reports (and other publications).

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