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Customizable ‘Corporate’ Ramadan & Eid Cards

When I was still running Sakina Design, a B2C online retail shop, I was approached by corporate clients to design their holiday cards for Ramadan and Eid. It was really flattering, and I was more than happy to help out. Years later, I still don’t see any large selection of ‘corporate’ Ramadan and Eid cards. So this year I decided to design my own collection. I hope it benefits my current clients, as well as other companies and organizations looking for some help.

Custom Colors & Fonts
We have 11 designs and they can all be customized. We usually recommend that you brand the cards with your corporate colors and fonts. In addition to making your cards more unique, this helps recipients instantly recognize the card as coming from your organization.

Custom Messages on the Front
Your message on the front of the card can also be customized. You can also add your logo and/or photo here if you want.

Custom Message on the Inside
The inside of the card is blank but our clients’ usually add their customized message and logo here. You can also choose to add your photo(s) here instead.

Company Information on the Back
How about the back of the card? Here, we recommend placing your company contact information.

Paper Choice
We have 3 different paper choices: Matte (100% recycled paper), Linen (elegant textured paper) and Pearlescent (subtle shimmery paper that creates a metallic look). These each come with matching envelopes.

These are all complimentary services. No additional fees are charged for these customizations. Just check out our price list for your total. The only other charges will be for state sales tax (for CA orders) and shipping.

Friday, May 20th — Recommended final day to order Ramadan Cards. This will ensure that you receive the cards by the 1st of Ramadan, so that your recipients can receive the cards during the first week of Ramadan

Monday, June 6th — Recommended final day to order Eid-al-Fitr Cards. This will ensure you receive the cards in time to send them out for receipt by Eid.
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KPL_Ramadan-Eid-Card_1 KPL_Ramadan-Eid-Card_2 KPL_Ramadan-Eid-Card_4KPL_Ramadan-Eid-Card_3
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